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New Owner Keeps Old Fire Station Memory Alive

Tom Flanigan

Last year, the City of Tallahassee sold its old Fire Station Number Two on Sixth Avenue to a private company. Now the property’s new owner is making sure the building's original purpose and appearance isn't lost.

Once again, the old fire house built in 1951 was full of fire fighters on Wednesday (12/2). They were the guests of Brecht Heuchen, the head of the Contribution Link company that now calls the building home. “You know, this is not like a regular office building,” he said as current and retired firefighter’s enjoyed a “Heroes Lunch” hosted by Contribution Link. “People were living here essentially and so it’s definitely special in that regard and you have to treat it that way.” Heuchen has parked an old fire truck in the main equipment bay and old Fire Department photos were everywhere. Present City Fire Chief Jerome Gaines said the lunch was like a department reunion. “It’s an opportunity for people to come back and reminisce and reconnect with people maybe they haven’t seen in years because life has taken them in a different direction,” he said. “This is great!” The building was retired from active station duty in 2001.