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Retirees Stage Benefit Birthday Bash


A retiree advocate group held a birthday party for Social Security and Medicare in Tallahassee today (Friday, 8/14/15).  The occasion at the Westminster Oaks Retirement Community attracted plenty of partiers.

The party at the Westminster Oaks Maguire Center kicked off with some presentations.  David Jacobson with the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans said Social Security, now marking its 80th birthday, has fulfilled its promise for millions of retirees.

“In 1935, just about anyone who retired at age 65 was going to live in poverty.  Now, 12% over 65 live in poverty,” he said.

But some Republicans in Congress have been pushing for big changes to, not only Social Security, but also Medicare.  The Alliance’s Richard Polangin said that program, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary, is seriously under attack.

“There’s a large number of people that are very interested in increasing profits and they represent private health insurance companies.”

The double benefit birthday party was intended, say organizers, to show that the future for both programs depends on continued public and political support.

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