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Retired Fla. Supreme Court Justice Harding To Hear Winston Probe

Florida Supreme Court

Retired Florida Supreme Court Justice Major Harding will decide whether Florida State University football quarterback Jameis Winston will face school disciplinary charges. 

Harding, who served as Chief Justice of the state’s high court between 1998 and 2000, will oversee the proceedings.

Florida State University is planning to hold a student code-of-conduct hearing to determine if Jameis Winston violated any of the school’s policies. The hearing stems from a 2012 allegation that Winston sexually assaulted another student at an off-campus location. The quarterback was never charged with a crime, but the issue continues to color his achievements on the field. It also continues to follow Florida State, which remains under federal investigation for its handling of the initial reports.

The University is using a system that lets both the accuser and the accused choose from a list of people to hear the case. Each person gets to strike a name, and the person left, in this case, former Justice Major Harding, will hear both sides. FSU has not set a date for the hearing.