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Tallahassee City Commission Reschedules Meeting To Vote On Ethics Proposal

Diane Stein via Flickr

In cooperation with a group trying to put government ethics reform on the local ballot, Tallahassee City Commissioners have rescheduled their next meeting to ensure a timely vote. A judge is expected to rule next Friday on whether the proposed amendment is ballot-ready, and the Commission plans to vote later the same day, Aug. 29.

The city announced the revised meeting schedule today after the group Citizens for Ethics Reform wrote to officials asking for a guaranteed vote. At a recent Commission meeting, the city attorney expressed concern over the initiative—particularly a part giving city money to people who donate to political campaigns.

At the meeting, Mayor John Marks defended the city’s court challenge of the ballot language.

“It’s a process to protect our citizens. And that’s all we’re doing. And we want to ensure that the voters of this community are presented with a clear choice, clear choices, a clear choice in November," he said.

Leon County Circuit Chief Judge Charles Francis has agreed to fast-track a decision on the initiative to make an early September ballot-printing deadline.

Citizens for Ethics Reform gathered more than 20,000 signatures in support.