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'American Idol' Auditions Coming To Tallahassee This Weekend

"American Idol"
Scott Smith via Flickr

That’s the familiar introduction to one of the most successful reality TV shows ever.  That’s right – "American Idol."  

Local fans of the long-running series can finally try out for a chance to be America’s next idol.   Live auditions to be on the show’s 14th season will be held in Tallahassee this Sunday, July 20, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Langford Green on FSU’s campus.  

Dan Mecca is the General Manager of FOX49, the local Fox affiliate station organizing the audition.

“The calls are coming from all over the country, not just all over a driving distance, so we are encouraged that this event is going to be quite large, and apparently FOX as well, which is why they’re holding it on Langford Green,” Mecca says.                

The "American Idol" Small Bus Tour was introduced in 2012 as an avenue to expand upon the audition process, which now includes online elements and social media.  Each year only 10 small towns are chosen, and for season 14 Tallahassee made the elite list. 

Mecca believes this is because FOX and FremantleMedia - "American Idol"’s production company - believed in a more widespread talent pool outside of major U.S. cities. 

“I think given the ability to add 10 locations this year- west coast and an east coast bus tour - I think giving people an opportunity to audition without going to the larger cities,” Mecca says, “And I think from FOX’s standpoint and from Fremantle’s standpoint there’s a lot of talent in some of these areas where it may have been untapped before.”             

In order to audition, Mecca says people will need to have properly registered at and bring the necessary identification.  

And there's one other thing he says those auditioning will need to anticipate: “Well, they can expect to wait in line.”          

Anyone selected at Sunday’s auditions will be sent on to the producer’s audition round.