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Leon Elections Supervisor Doubts Accuracy of Federal Immigration List

Leon County’s Elections Supervisor, Ion Sancho, said he has no plans to remove voters from the county’s voter rolls despite a ruling from a federal judge saying it’s okay to purge non-citizen. Sancho said he doesn’t think the information about who is or isn’t a citizen is accurate enough.

“It goes to the accuracy of the information that you think you possess. If you think the information that you think you possess is accurate you may act on it. And that’s been the case this whole time relative to this purge information. And what we see and what the supervisors have seen in looking at the list that they’ve received from the state is that it’s wildly inaccurate,” Sancho said.

Florida officials said they are working to get a more accurate list using information from a federal immigration database. But Sancho said he’s not convinced even that list will protect legally registered voters from being removed. He said his focus is on getting ready for early voting for the coming primary.