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Fl State Hospital Workers Fired for Improper Care of Pregnant Woman

As the investigation continues into the alleged mishandling of a pregnant mental patient at the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee, at least two hospital employees have been fired, with more action expected.

The woman was airlifted from the Florida State Hospital and taken to Tallahassee Memorial, where she gave birth to a gravely ill baby boy in December of last year. In the days before she was airlifted, she allegedly complained about complications in her pregnancy, but never received proper assistance. Department of Children and Families Secretary, David Wilkins, said the Florida State hospital is a model institution, but that the employees being charged didn’t follow protocol.

“You know it’s the largest facility in the state, one of the largest in the nation. They have over a thousand residents there today and you know, the situation of dealing with someone who’s pregnant is simply, you know, doesn’t happen very often. So, I think that further complicated the situation," Wilkins said.

Officials have not released additional details on the condition of the newborn, who is still in intensive care.