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Leon Commissioners looking at places to make budget cuts

Leon County Commissioners will continue their budget workshop Wednesday to take care of a budget shortfall. Tuesday morning, Commissioners were told by staff that the county is facing a projected deficit ranging from about 9 to 11 million dollars.  One option they’re considering is adopting a valued based benefits design as part of county’s health insurance.

"It's an employer driven benefit strategy that links the wellness program with the health plan. The goal for Leon County is to gradually integrate the wellness program into the health insurance program by offering discounted premium contributions for employees to participate with the goal of slowing down the acceleration of employer costs," said Mary Barley, the county's Health and Wellness Coordinator.

Participation by county employees would be voluntary but if you participate you could get up to a 2 and a half percent premium discount on your health insurance. 

The Wednesday workshop could take all day. The board’s final budget workshop will not be held until early July.