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Tayra's takeover Tallahassee museum

A Tayra

By Tom Flanigan


Tallahassee, FL – The Tallahassee Museum has two new guest animals for the summer. Tom Flanigan reports they are almost unknown in this country, but are numerous enough to be considered pests in Central and South America

The sniffing you hear is made by a curious Tayra. This Tayra is a female. There's also a male. Animal Curator Mike Jones was introducing them to museum visitors.

"They live in Central America and South America and also in Trinidad and they're members of the family Mustelidae, which is the same family that weasels and minks and otters and skunks and badgers they're all mustelids."

But unlike most other members of that family, Tayras like fruits and vegetables and often invade gardens in their home territories. That makes them unpopular with gardeners and farmers. Jones expects the creatures to be much more of a hit with those who visit the museum this summer.