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Poverty Stricken Family Receives Aid from FSU LGBTQ Center

Tallahassee, FL – Sally & Mary, a same-sex couple, have a large family.

We have ten people. From this one, who is the baby, three to eleven years old. Five boys, two girls, me, her, and my brother, who we take care of.

But recent events have left them broke and on the brink of homelessness. The trouble started just over a month ago when the house they rented was foreclosed on without warning.

We had a 24 hour eviction notice. So I took all my money to help us move.

They moved into another house owned by the same landlord. The new house suffered from rotting floors, collapsing walls and a backed up septic system. After just a month the family was told the house would be foreclosed on, again with no warning. Now, as they face homelessness, the family says they are not receiving the support they need because of their relationship

yeah, we're not a traditional family but we're still a family

According to the family, many support services have ignored them.

Foodstamps did not want to recognize us as a family so we're having trouble getting foodstamps.

Times became tough.

For the first time in 8 years I cried because I'm worried when are my kids going to have their next meal

That's when a friend suggested that they call FSU's new LGBTQ Resource Center. Haley Cutler, Director of the resource center, got the call.

So we received a call from a lesbian family with seven children who are fighting homelessness. They're in working poverty

The Center decided to advocate on behalf of the family. They also started a donation drive to take care of their more immediate needs.

This is the second batch of generous donations that we're collecting for that family. We're collecting nonperishable food, children's clothing, primarily winter clothing, blankets and toiletries.

Sally and Mary are grateful. Still, their minds are focused on finding a new home and on their kids.

When you've got seven children who don't ask for anything, they don't ask to be put in this position. That's what my heart's for right now. My heart's always for my kids first. Me and her both agree on that.

FSU's LGBTQ resource center continues to accept donations for the family. To contact the center you can email them at pridefsu@gmail.com.

For WFSU-FM, this is Kyle DeVries.