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With Election Day just around the corner, Leon County officials are reminding people the deadline to register to vote is next week.

After numerous complaints last week, Florida’s election agency says the glitches on its online voter registration website are fixed. But, if anyone sees any other issues going forward, they’re urged to report them immediately.

Floridians have until the end of the month to register to vote in Florida’s Primary Election or update their party affiliation.

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Democrats and Republicans may be used to highlight both ends of the political spectrum, but there are other parties sprinkled throughout. As election season begins to ramp up,  there may be some confusion around third parties and how it can affect voter turnout.

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The violent confrontation in Charlottesville and its aftermath have galvanized elected leaders on both sides of the aisle.  Florida Democrats are planning voter registration rallies in response. 

On the heels of the 2016 presidential election lawmakers are reviewing what went well while looking toward some changes.

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The 2017 Florida legislative session hasn’t yet started, but the Senate Democrats have already elected a new leader for 2018.

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Floridians now have until the end of the day Tuesday October 18 to get signed up to vote. A federal judge Wednesday extended the state’s voter registration deadline.

FSU Students with the campus chapter of the Public Interest Research Group try to get other students to register to vote.
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The deadline to make changes or register to vote in the November 8th Election is Tuesday and Gov. Rick Scott says he won't extend it--despite mounting pressure for him to do so as recovery from Hurricane Matthew begins.

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Governor Rick Scott says he won’t extend the state’s voter registration deadline because of Hurricane Matthew. That decision is attracting criticism from one Florida political scientist.

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Three hundred fifty high schoolers signed up to vote through the voter registration challenge sponsored by the Leon County School board and Supervisor of Elections.

Under a new law, a concealed weapons license is now an acceptable form of identification for Florida voters to present at the polls.

Rep. Williams (D-Tallahassee) thinks the path to the ballot box runs through the DMV.
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It’s an election year and that means the parties are thinking long and hard about voter turnout.  Democrats want to make it easier to register voters while those voters register their cars.

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Monday is the last day to register to vote in Florida ahead of the November general election.

If you want to vote November 4th and help decide some key local, state, and congressional races, Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland says interested Floridians must be registered by Monday.

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Monday is the last day for residents to register to vote in Florida’s August primary election.

The August 26th primary may be a few weeks away, but Duval County elections supervisor and Florida State Association of Supervisor of Elections President Jerry Holland says it’s important residents start preparing now.

Capital Report: 04-02-2014

Apr 2, 2014

Opponents to Florida’s school choice are lining up against a proposal giving students with disabilities additional funding. Lynn Hatter reports they say while the intent of the bill is noble, they fear it will lead to an even greater segregation of Florida’s education system as a whole.

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At the same time Florida election supervisors are looking at how to bring online voter registration to the state, the chance of legislative action on the issue went from tiny to nonexistent this week. The senator pushing online registration withdrew his bill amidst doubts it could pass the full Legislature.  

Ask the question “Should Florida voters be able to register online?” and you’ll get different answers from different people. Sen. Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth) says yes.

A new law aimed at paperwork reduction will allow Florida election supervisors to register voters electronically. Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed the law but vetoed an exemption that would have taken those voters’ email addresses out of public record.

President of the open-government group Florida First Amendment Foundation, Barbara Peterson, applauds the veto.

“The exemption just didn’t make sense to me," she said.

This week, the deadline passed for new Florida voter registrations ahead of the general election. With less than a month until election day, county elections supervisors are preparing for a high-interest election and a longer-than-usual ballot.

After preparing for the past 18 months, Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho says Florida’s capital county is in full presidential-election mode. He says, in 2008, the county that includes Tallahassee had a record turnout of 86 percent, and that number could very well be surpassed this year.

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Florida’s voter registration numbers for both Republicans and Democrats stagnated over the course of about a year, and political experts say it’s mainly because of a law passed last year that put limits on third party voter registration. But, now that some of those restrictions have eased, there’s a mad dash around the state to ramp up voter registration drives before the October 9th deadline.

“House Bill 1355 certainly had a dampening effect on voter registration in the state of Florida, when it went into effect July 1, 2011.”

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With an October 9th deadline fast approaching, getting people registered to vote is a major priority for the state. One Democratic lawmaker and a group of students is also working to make sure every vote in Tallahassee gets counted in the upcoming election.

Democratic Representative Alan Williams says it’s important to get all eligible people registered to vote. That’s why he joined student organization, “Students for Obama” Wednesday on the Florida State University campus to get voters signed up before October 9th.

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With the deadline fast approaching for Floridians to get registered to vote, a new campaign kicked off Tuesday to get people signed up and make sure that when they vote, they’re educated about the issues on the ballot. It’s a non-partisan effort that brings together two groups that were, just months ago, battling in federal court over Florida’s election law.

After a federal judge struck down parts of a Florida law that made it more difficult for voter registration groups to register voters, registration drives are starting back up. The groups organizing the drives are well-behind where they were at this same time in 2008, they said they’re working hard to catch back up. But there’s a chance they won’t make it. State officials have made the first move to appeal the judge’s ruling.

Today, after the Florida League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote announced they will resume voter registration drives statewide, the League of Women Voters of Tallahassee began registering its volunteers at the Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office.

A federal judge has blocked Florida elections officials from enforcing  part of Florida’s new controversial election law until a trial can be held.