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Florida Hospitals will now have to be more transparent when it comes to pricing, and consumers will get more protections from unexpected healthcare bills.  Governor Rick Scott signed off on the measures Thursday.

Several healthcare proposals are on the way to the Senate after overwhelming support by the Florida House.  Efforts to crack down on balance billing, promote price transparency, and increase the use of Telehealth are up in the final weeks of the legislative session.

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Governor Rick Scott has raised the profile of balanced billing in the healthcare system and now the Florida legislature is trying to tamp down on it. A Senate bill limiting how and when hospitals can charge patients for out-of-network services is on its way to the chamber floor.

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Gov. Scott wants to increase transparency in hospital pricing. Two Florida lawmakers have a proposal.

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Governor Rick Scott is pushing for greater healthcare cost transparency in hospitals.  The move comes as Florida faces the loss of more federal health care funding next year, and growing concerns about the state’s healthcare costs.

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Governor Rick Scott is accusing Florida hospitals of price-gouging patients. He’s vowing to change that. But the Florida Hospital Association calls the governor’s statements mean-spirited.