Nick Evans

This Fourth of July visitors descended on Pensacola’s beaches for fireworks—Independence Day is a great excuse for a party on the beach.  It was no different in the 1960s, and the celebration became an important event for many gay men and women in the south.

Ted Eytan via Flickr

The mass shooting in Orlando has rattled the LGBT community across the country.  But it hasn’t stopped men and women in Pensacola from celebrating pride week. 

University of West Florida

St. Augustine, Florida may have new competition for the title of oldest city in America.  A new discovery out of the University of West Florida suggests that title could go to another Florida city: Pensacola.

The Florida Channel

A week after record flooding swept through Pensacola, state, federal and local authorities are still trying to assess the extent of damage. Florida Governor Rick Scott joined state and local politicians at the Escambia County Commission meeting Thursday morning.