Mike Clelland


The Florida House passed a bill Friday that merges two pension reform proposals: one dealing with local pensions and another dealing with the state’s pension system. But, it’s unclear what will happen in the other chamber now that the combined bill is still two separate proposals in the Senate.

Rep. Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton) is one of the sponsors of the merged House proposal. He contributed the part of the proposal that deals with overhauling the Florida Retirement System.

Florida Forest Service

A Florida legislative panel is weighing the Florida State Fire Service Association’s demand that firefighters no longer be sent to respond to fires alone. Having at least two responders to every wildfire would cost the state an estimated $3 million annually.

Florida Forest Service Director Jim Karels says the increased staffing mandate is not necessary because the lowest-risk fires only require one firefighter—and if he sends two to one fire, it’s possible nobody will be available when the next one breaks out.

MGN Online

A bill making it a separate crime to cause the death or injury of an unborn child passed its first House committee Wednesday.

Seminole Republican Representative Larry Ahern says his bill covers violence against a woman who’s pregnant with a child at any state of development.

“All this does, is seek to clarify is that there’s no timeline for the death, that no matter what, if a woman is pregnant, she’s pregnant, it’s not an unborn quick child [viable fetus outside the womb], it’s just an unborn child,” said Ahern.

Florida Channel

As Florida lawmakers prepare a package of legislation cracking down on sexual offenders and predators, some say at least one of the bills could do more harm than good. An indecent exposure bill aiming to get more sex offenders off the street is drawing concern from Florida naturists also known as nudists.

Indecent Exposure Bill

Rep. Chris Dorworth, R-Lake Mary, is fighting for his political life. As future speaker of the House in 2014, Dorworth is one of the most powerful state lawmakers But now it appears it may all be falling down.

In House District 29, Dorworth was losing by 37 votes to Democratic challenger Mike Clelland. The race is within the margin of error and will most likely trigger a recount.

But already, Florida Democratic Party Leaders are heralding Dorworth's demise.