Florida State University Dan Markel
Florida State University College of Law

The trial for two suspects accused of the murder of Dan Markel has been delayed again. Sigfredo Garcia and Katherine Magbanua will return to court on Nov. 19 for a case management hearing.

Nick Evans / WFSU News

Tallahassee Police Chief Mike DeLeo says his department isn't finished investigating the 2014 murder of a Florida State University Law professor. TPD got a big step closer to that Thursday when a suspect was arrested in South Florida. But law enforcement is staying largely silent on the connection between Sigfredo Garcia and Dan Markel. 

Police: Did Anyone See Markel's Car Before He Was Killed?

Jul 28, 2014
2008 honda accord

Tallahassee Police are asking the public for more clues they hope will lead to an arrest in the homicide of FSU law professor Dan Markel. Investigators want to know if anyone saw his car just before he was shot.

They are asking if anyone saw Markel’s 2008 black Honda Accord on Thursday, July 17, or the morning of Friday, July 18. According to incident report notes released this afternoon, a neighbor found Markel shot in the driver's seat of the car inside his garage on July 18. Another vehicle was seen driving away after the neighbor heard a loud boom. 

vehicle of interest
Tallahassee Police Department

Tallahassee Police have released a photograph of what they’re calling a “vehicle of interest” in the death of FSU law professor Daniel Markel. He was shot in his Trescott Drive home on Friday.

The car in the photo looks similar to a silver Toyota Prius and was captured on surveillance video Friday morning.

TPD spokesman Dave Northway stresses the vehicle does not necessarily belong to a suspect.