Bill Eustace stands beside NFCC's FANUC robot

In the last few decades, technology has pushed blue collar jobs in the U.S. away from heavy industry and toward skilled trades.  North Florida Community College is hoping a new program will prepare its students for these jobs of the future.

It’s called the Automation and Production Technology program; the idea is to prepare students for manufacturing jobs that have become increasingly dependent on automatic and programmable technologies.  NFCC has focused on putting its students face-to-face with the same machines they’ll use professionally. 

wine glass on table
Jessica Palombo / WFSU-FM

Voters in Madison Co. have overwhelmingly chosen to allow the sale of alcohol there, bringing the number of so-called dry, or partially dry, Florida counties down to three. On Tuesday, a landslide 62 percent of voters said they’d like restaurants and stores to begin serving drinks above the previous limit of 6.2 percent alcohol.

Madison Co. Voting Whether To Allow Liquor, Wine Sales

Aug 28, 2012

Voters are deciding whether Madison Co. should become wet. A special election today is determining whether beverages with more than 6.243 percent alcohol can be sold in the county.

Former Madison Chamber of Commerce executive director Ted Ensminger says, he and his group, MadisonYES!, campaigned to get alcohol sales on the ballot as an economic growth catalyst.

“We’ve had one major resort within the last couple of years," he says. "And we see some hospitality development opportunities at the Interstate 10. We have four interchanges there.”