life insurance policy

Florida lawmakers are looking to ensure genetic tests won’t affect eligibility for insurance coverage. The House Health and Human Services Committee unanimously passed a measure preventing insurance companies from using genetic information when making policy decisions.

Nick Evans

Changes are likely in store for the state’s life insurance industry.  Lawmakers are on the verge of approving a measure requiring companies look harder for beneficiaries.

Beverley Martin is a nurse who has spent years working in hospitals. Still, she says she wasn’t quite prepared emotionally for when she had to put her elderly mother in a nursing home.

“It was terrifying for one thing. Because, you know, you can be in the business forever, but when it affects someone in your family, you really don’t know where to turn.” 

Martin says she felt overwhelmed by all the paperwork--forms for Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. The worst part, she says, is the guilt.

A Florida lawmaker is hoping to persuade others in the Florida Legislature to reject any attempts to bolster a market that targets life insurance policies for older Floridians.  A group of advocates for seniors and veterans are also spreading the word about making sure consumer protections remain in place against what’s called the “STOLI market.”