Ken Wills

Charges against a North Florida mental hospital nurse have been reduced after her attorney’s challenged the state to prove its case. It’s the latest development in ongoing legal issues stemming from the treatment of a pregnant mental hospital patient in state care who later lost her child.

LHatter / WFSU

Attorneys for a former Florida State Hospital nurse want the state to show more evidence to prove their client is responsible for a pregnant mental patient who lost her child. The lawyers say the state is trying to avoid liability by scape-goating the nurse.

An investigation by the state show nurse Kathryn Cottle delayed in getting help for a pregnant Florida State Mental Hospital patient whose complicated delivery resulted in a brain injured child who later died. But Cottle’s attorney, Sid Matthews, says the state is trying to deflect blame.


A former nurse at the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee could face jail time after a pregnant patient lost her child. The incident sparked an investigation by the State Attorney’s Office and Florida Department of Children and Families.  Now the woman’s family is speaking out.