Justice Barbara Pariente

Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court is blocking a request that a justice recuse herself from a high profile case. A day after the League of Women Voters countered accusations that Justice Barbara Pariente was politicking from the bench, the state's highest court has agreed: there's no there there.

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Amendment 1 opponents descended on the Leon County Courthouse and government buildings across Florida while Florida Supreme Court justices weighed an extraordinary, last-minute demand to pull the plug.

The 27-member Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice completed its nearly two-year mission Friday and its final conclusion is more work needs to be done.

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The Florida Supreme Court is trying to determine whether forty Sarasota landowners should be compensated for land seized by the federal government.

Florida Supreme Court
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Florida’s newest Supreme Court chief justice was sworn in Monday.  Justice Jorge Labarga is the first Cuban-American to hold the post. 

Fellow Justice Barbara Pariente says Labarga’s experience will serve him well in his new post. 

“I believe that Justice Labarga, having served on this court for five years, but also having taken part in so many of the past administrative responsibilities, will be well suited,” Pariente says.

Pariente served as chief justice from 2004 to 2006.

Conservative Group Says Fla. Supreme Court Justices Not "Activist"

Oct 25, 2012

Three Supreme Court justices facing retention elections in November don’t appear to be "activist" judges, but Florida voters should feel free to remove the trio from office over ideological differences, a law professor who studied the issue for a conservative legal group said Wednesday.