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6:27 pm
Mon January 5, 2015

Doctors, Dentists React To Medicaid Ruling

Florida healthcare providers and advocates recently won a lengthy court battle against the state Medicaid’s program. 

Florida doctors and dentists argued Medicaid was shortchanging them on reimbursement rates. U.S. appellate Judge Adalberto Jordan agreed.

Florida Dental Association President Richard Stevenson says low reimbursement was a major factor for dentists in the state refusing to accept Medicaid patients.  Stevenson says he is looking forward to legislators providing enough funds to better care for the state’s underserved and vulnerable populations.

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Health & Science
5:49 pm
Wed December 31, 2014

Judge Hammers State Over Adequacy Of Medicaid For Low-Income Kids

After nearly a decade of legal battling, a federal judge this week found widespread problems in the way Florida's Medicaid program has provided health care to children.

Judge Adalberto Jordan, in a 153-page decision, said Florida's history of low reimbursement payments to doctors led to a lack of access to care for many children in Medicaid. He also pointed to problems with issues such as children being improperly terminated from the program, inadequate efforts to sign up children for coverage and a lack of available dental care.

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Health & Science
2:04 pm
Tue December 16, 2014

Back To The Drawing Board: Department Of Health Won't Appeal Low-THC Marijuana Ruling

Low-THC marijuana products have shown promise treating epilepsy symptoms.
Credit Brett Levin via Flickr

The Florida Department of Health has chosen not to appeal a court ruling invalidating the agency’s rules for low-THC marijuana.  The deadline was Monday.  Lobbyist Ron Watson says he’s optimistic for progress at the next meeting.

“We basically look like we’re starting over again,” Watson says, “but I think with better guidance especially from what the judge put in his ruling.”

The Legislature passed a law allowing low-THC marijuana in certain circumstances earlier this year, and the next rules workshop will be in Orlando, December 30.  

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Health & Science
4:15 pm
Fri December 12, 2014

Supporters Hope Third Time Is The Charm For Medicaid Expansion In Florida

A coalition of businesses groups, local officials and healthcare industry representatives has rolled out a plan to insure nearly one million low-income Floridians. But they’re not calling it a Medicaid Expansion. 

More than 800,ooo Floridians are in health insurance limbo. They fall into what’s called the Medicaid coverage gap. Reed Mahoney of Tallahassee, is among them.

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Health & Science
4:46 pm
Fri December 5, 2014

Premiums From The Pulpit: ACA Includes Faith-Based Health Options

Christian Care Ministry offers a health care program for members seeking insurance solutions.
Credit Christian Care Ministry

Millions of people could qualify for lower rates on federally-subsidized insurance plans offered in state and federal exchanges. But those plans may not work for everyone, especially for families who prioritize faith. Now some of those families are looking for healthcare solutions off the exchanges.

A month ago, Sarah Ryan added a new member to her family. 

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