general revenue

Last week, a Florida Senate committee heard that a potential surplus of more than $220-million had likely disappeared for next year’s state budget because of Hurricane Michael.

This week, the outlook turned more positive, with analysts projecting a significant increase in state revenue over two years.

Budget analysts periodically meet inside a building next to the Capitol for what’s known as the Revenue Estimating Conference.


As Florida slowly recovers from the recession, state economists released their official forecast on Thursday for the amount of tax revenue expected to come in over the next two years. The new number is about the same as the initial projection that state legislators used to draw up this year's budget. Chief economist Amy Baker said, because of the sluggish economy, the state should see a slow revenue growth of 4-to-5 percent-per-year for the next two years. And, she acknowledged, revenues could still be hurt by unpredictable factors.