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DeSantis speaks at a podium during a press conference
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Gov. Ron DeSantis says he thinks the legislature acted within its authority when enacting the medical marijuana implementing bill. 

Marijuana plants in a grow house.
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The Florida House of Representatives wants a say in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of state medical marijuana regulations. The chamber's lawyers asked a Tallahassee appeals court Tuesday for a chance to intervene.

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While Florida lawmakers approved funding for the so-called Hope Scholarship program as part of the House budget proposal, bills creating the program are still making their way through the committee process.

Stetson law professor Michael Allen speaking to lawmakers.
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The Florida Legislature is preparing its response to a state Supreme Court decision requiring unanimous jury decisions for the death penalty.

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Committee meetings for the state legislature are right around the corner, and House leaders are hoping to make sure new and returning lawmakers are ready.  The House is holding a two day series of seminars it calls Legislator University.

Gov. Rick Scott, undated.

Florida’s budget is set for this year. Governor Rick Scott signed the state budget Thursday, totaling $82 billion. 

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Florida lawmakers are seeking a new healthcare option. A direct model could change the way doctors treat their patients.

Florida Governor Rick Scott left raises for state workers out of this year’s budget. But State Representative Mark Pafford (D-Palm Beach) says he thinks those workers deserve to be better paid.

Governor Rick Scott presented this year’s budget on Wednesday. Absent was a pay increase for state employees. Scott had considered giving bonuses for good work last year. He blames lawmakers refusal to approve that money last year for omitting pay raises this year.

On Monday, the Florida Senate easily elected Sen. Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa) as its new Democratic leader.

She says her goals for the 2015 legislative session include working across the aisle with Republican leadership on water, education and prison reform. Still, she says there will be some partisan issues.

“It’s to be expected because we’re the loyal minority, and we’re going to fight for our people,” said Joyner. “I mean, it’s only natural that ideologically wise we’re on different points on some of the issues.”

Capital Report: 04-24-2014

Apr 24, 2014

The Florida legislature has to put out a budget proposal by Tuesday if it wants to get out of Tallahassee on time but differences on several key parts of the proposal are slowing the process. Now as Lynn Hatter reports, the document is heading to the House and Senate appropriations chairmen to try and hammer out some of the finer points:

Jessica Palombo and Tom Flanigan discuss several money-related bills the Florida Senate addressed today (Thursday).