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Florida farmers are struggling to compete with cheaper, foreign imports from countries such as Mexico. Farmers worry unfair trade practices endanger the state's agriculture industry.

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A bill to provide zero-interest loans to farmers whose crops are impacted by natural disasters is advancing through the Florida Senate. Backed by Republican Senator Ben Albritton, the measure is intended to help farmers whose livelihoods have been threatened by Hurricane Michael. Ahead of its first committee stop, Ryan Dailey spoke with the Florida Farm Bureau’s head of legislative affairs Adam Basford, and a Holmes County farmer whose crop was decimated by the hurricane.

Federal regulators are releasing sweeping new pollution regulations that cover 60 percent of water bodies in the United States. Florida farmers are worried and environmental activists are rejoicing.

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A massive, industry friendly rewrite of state water policy continued churning through the Senate Wednesday.  Some critics contend the policy changes are a mile wide and only a few inches deep.

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A coalition of business groups in the farming and construction industry is calling on Congressional leaders to make immigration reform a priority—particularly immigration visas.

Bayshore Solutions’ Vice President and COO Rick Watson says he’d like to see the expansion of what’s called the H-2B visa program, which allows non-agricultural employers to hire immigrants to come to the U.S. temporarily.

The U.S. House of Representatives rejected the Farm Bill Thursday; the bill’s failure has serious ramifications for Florida’s farmers.

Agriculture is Florida’s second largest industry.  According to Janell Hendren of the Florida Farm Bureau it’s worth over $100 billion.  A tenth of that economic output comes thanks to the Florida citrus industry.

Florida Farm Bureau

Florida’s Agriculture Industry is the second largest in the state. It’s also at the center of major debates over immigration reform environmental preservation, and an ongoing effort to save citrus trees.

A few weeks ago, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam issued this assessment on the future of Florida’s citrus industry:

“This matters to every Floridian because of the profound economic impact it has on so many of our interior counties. You’re talking about a footprint of half a million acres for which there is really no plan B."

Fla. Planting Season Means Sharing The Road With Tractors

Feb 20, 2013
Florida Farm Bureau

Floridians utilize more than nine billion acres across the state for farming, creating an eight billion dollar industry.  With the planting season getting under way, drivers should expect to share the road with more farming equipment.