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Florida is among the worst states for companies being sued, according to a new Harris Poll.

The 2019 Lawsuit Climate Survey ranks the states on how business executives feel about the fairness of state court systems – and Florida ranks 46th.

David Hart, Executive Vice President of Government & Political Relations for the Florida Chamber of Commerce.
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The Florida Chamber of Commerce has released its annual Legislative Report Card. The chamber says the report card helps hold state leaders accountable for how they vote on issues relating to Florida’s business climate.

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The Florida Chamber of Commerce announced Wednesday its turning its sights to a new topic: public safety. It is bringing a coalition of leaders together to address school and workplace safety.

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The Florida Chamber of Commerce

The Florida Chamber of Commerce has out its annual Jobs Agenda for the 2019 legislative session. 

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Florida lawmakers want to give high school students another pathway to graduation. Two new bills are part of a larger push for expanded vocational education in the state.

Florida Chamber of Commerce

It’s been one month since Governor Ron DeSantis chose Ken Lawson to lead the Department of Economic Opportunity. Lawson gave the Florida Chamber of Commerce an update Monday on his new job.


While it’s so far gone nowhere in the state Senate, a proposal critics are dubbing the “union-busting bill” has passed the Florida House.

A perennial battle between the business lobby and trial attorneys is heating up in the Florida Senate.

Florida House of Representatives

One of the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s top lieutenants says he’s convinced House Speaker Richard Corcoran is running for governor.


There are only a few days left for Floridians to register for this year’s Human Trafficking Summit, and Attorney General Pam Bondi says there will be many exciting panels and speakers.

A key lawmaker is promising to take action after regulators approved an estimated 500 million-dollar hike in workers compensation rates.

A new Florida Chamber of Commerce poll suggests trial lawyers have an image problem.

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The Florida Chamber of Commerce hosted a summit Wednesday on the future of the state’s military forces. Florida’s business and military leaders are teaming up to help the state prepare for the next 15 years.

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The Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation is highlighting the need for a talented workforce at its annual education forum.

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A bill seeking to reform Florida’s Retirement System is now heading to the House floor, despite continued opposition.

Tallahassee Seeing Major Growth Spurt

Jan 28, 2016
Tom Flanigan

Florida’s Capital City is entering what could be one of the biggest growth spurts in modern history. That fact carries both challenges and opportunities for the area’s private and public sectors. The news came at Wednesday morning’s (1/27) economic forecast breakfast meeting hosted by the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

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The Florida Chamber of Commerce announced its legislative priorities for the 2016 session Tuesday. The group is putting economic expansion at the top of the list.

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With a potential $1 billion budget hole looming, the Florida Senate is starting to consider whether and how to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid. There are at least two proposed bills floating around the chamber, and lawmakers are also raising the possibility of resurrecting the original plan, dubbed NegronCare.

jobs agenda florida  chamber
The Florida Chamber of Commerce

The pro-business Florida Chamber of Commerce has unveiled its health priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

The list includes big battles of years past—like letting some nurses and physician assistants expand their scope-of-practice, revamping the rules regarding medical lawsuits and possibly expanding the state’s Medicaid program for low-income Floridians. But that last part comes with a caveat--like capping how much Medicaid can take up in overall state spending.

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College and career readiness is a phrase people in the education world throw around a lot and definitions of the term vary wildly depending whom you ask. But, most are in agreement that whatever college and career readiness means, Florida students don’t seem to be making the grade.

Florida Senate

Lawmakers in the Florida Hispanic Caucus are blasting the Florida Chamber of Commerce for opposing a law that prohibits the state from doing business with oppressive regimes. As Jessica Palombo reports, the Florida Chamber voiced its opposition in a brief it filed in a lawsuit seeking to block the law.

The law prohibits Florida from doing business with countries like Cuba and Syria. On Monday, the Chamber filed a brief, saying the law would possibly harm the state’s economy.

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Last month, President Barack Obama signed into law a large package of reforms aimed at streamlining road-building projects. One of the bill’s architects was Republican Congressman Steve Southerland, who represents the district that includes Tallahassee and Panama City. Southerland told business leaders in Tallahassee on Wednesday he expects the changes to help the state economy.

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The high court’s decision to uphold the so-called individual mandate caught Florida’s Republican leaders off-guard.


The Florida casino gambling debate rages on, not just at the State Capitol, but also on the luncheon speaker circuit.  Tom Flanigan reports hundreds of Capitol Tiger Bay Club members were treated to a casino pro-and-con showdown Tuesday.