Confederate Flag

confederate flag
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In a time of profound political polarization, the Confederate Flag remains a divisive topic. The remnants of the Confederacy are still shaping society today. And the flag means vastly different things to different people. 

To some, the flag represents years of hatred, hardships, oppression and the fight for equality. To others, it’s pride and a celebration of cultural heritage. Here are some of their stories.

Mary McLeod Bethune
Florida Memory /

Florida lawmakers want to put a statue of Mary McLeod Bethune in the U.S. Capitol. But the internationally renowned educator and activist isn’t the only contender.

Black 'Confederate' Marches Through Florida

May 11, 2016
Aryanna Duhl / WFSU News

A former Asheville, North Carolina NAACP President is walking through Florida for what he calls the “Southern Cross Revival March.”

Members of the Florida League of the South demonstrate on Capitol lawn.
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Recent racial unrest and turmoil is causing states and municipalities, mostly in the South to reconsider their Confederate flag displays. Now Florida lawmakers have introduced bills curtailing where the Confederate battle flag can be shown. But  not everyone wants that flag taken down.

Florida's statue of Edmund Kirby Smith in Washington D.C.
U.S. Capitol via Wikimedia Commons

In June this year nine black men and women were shot and killed at a South Carolina church.  As details about the incident and the alleged shooter emerged, it became clear the suspect—Dylann Roof—was motivated by racial hatred.  It’s likely no consolation to the victims’ families or the Charleston community, but the shock of those murders prompted many throughout the south to reassess their relationship with the Confederacy.  Now, a South Florida Republican lawmaker is questioning one of Florida’s entries in Washington D.C.’s Statuary Hall—Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith.

MGN Online

A Florida lawmaker has filed a measure banning the display of the Confederate flag on local or state government-owned property.

Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce says is cancelling its annual conference in Walton County—next year.

The Confederate Flag Remains An Issue In Walton County

Jun 30, 2015
The Uhifelders petition to take down the Confederate Flag.
Michelle Uhlfelder

Some Americans describe the Confederate flag as a symbol for injustice in the country. Others say it represents Southern heritage. One North Florida County is debating whether to remove the symbol from its courthouse lawn.