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Florida Democrats push for more support for a proposed special session on gun reform

Florida's Historic Capital building glows orange at night. The new Capital building rises behind it as the sunset fades.
Erich Martin
Used with permission
Florida lawmakers have until Friday afternoon to weigh in on holding a special session on gun reform.

Florida Democrats are continuing a push for a special session on gun reform measures. Lawmakers have until 3:00 p.m. Friday to respond to a poll from the Florida Department of State. 60 percent of lawmakers in each chamber would need to support the idea for a special session to move forward.

During a press call Tuesday, House Democratic Leader Evan Jenne called the move a “Hail Mary.”

“Even in the face of insurmountable numbers, we still have to try. I’m less concerned with 42 House Dems and 16 Senate Dems. I’m more concerned with 49 dead folks at Pulse. I’m more concerned with dead children at Stoneman and Uvalde," Jenne said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, no Republicans had yet signed onto the call for a special session, but Democratic caucus members. said they were holding out hope that could change.

Democrats want to use the proposed session to address issues including universal background checks and regulating high-capacity magazines for rifles.