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Capitol Demonstrators Protest Florida Anti-Abortion Bill

Protestors hold signs outside on a pathway in between garnet and gold flowers.
Tom Flanigan
WFSU Public Media
Before the speeches got underway, protestors gathered in front of Florida's Historic Capitol.

The Florida Legislature will soon consider an anti-abortion bill similar to what passed in Texas recently. Protestors gathered at many places across the country, including the Florida Capitol on Saturday to voice their objections. Around 200 people marched, waved signs and joined in chants. Among the demonstrators was Florida State University graduate student Gavin Clark.

"It's a good start, and with what's happening in Texas, that's just terrible and we don't want it here in Florida. That's the biggest thing," he said.

Like Texas, the Florida measure would ban any pregnancy termination after a fetal heartbeat is detected. It would also leave enforcement up to anyone filing a civil action against whomever was involved in the abortion procedure. But many of Saturday's demonstrators were looking at a larger picture. Among those was Delilah Pierre with the Tallahassee Community Action Committee.

"This protest isn't just about women's rights or trans rights. It's about the intersection between both and how they're interrelated to each other and how we need to struggle for our liberation together."

The Tallahassee rally was one of dozens across the country to protest abortion restrictions.

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