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Tallahassee Protesters Demand Governor DeSantis Act To Free Those Held In Connection With January 6th U.S. Capitol Attack

Tom Flanigan
Many of those at the protest carried signs articulating their conviction that those arrested for the U.S. Capitol attack were actually peaceful patriots.

Around a hundred people rallied at the Florida Capitol on Saturday, July 10. They wanted Governor DeSantis to help free those being held in connection with the January6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Speakers included Luis Miguel, a Republican who's running to defeat Marco Rubio next year.

"And so we call upon DeSantis to demand our men be set free," he insisted as the crowd cheered.

But many of those more than 500 suspected July 6th rioters, such as Angel Harrelson's retired Army husband, are being held in a federal lockup in Washington DC, beyond the authority of any governor.

"And every night before bed, they actually sing the National Anthem," she told the audience.

The adult children of Lakeland's Ben Pollack were also implicated in the Capitol violence and face charges.

"No one's telling their story. They were there for freedom!" he shouted in obvious distress over their situation.

And Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio claimed well-meaning protesters had been lured into a "deep state false flag," ensuring their arrest.

"The number-one problem we have in this country right now is political persecution," he asserted.

The Tallahassee demonstration came just a few days after the six-month anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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