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Rep. Hart Criticizes Trumps Decision To Fundraise In Florida

Democratic Rep. Dianne Hart is backing a gain time bill in the Florida House for the 2020 session.

President Donald Trump will be in Tampa, Florida Friday holding a fundraising event for his campaign. A Saturday trip to South Florida was canceled due to Hurricane Isaias. Tampa Democratic state Representative Diane Hart calls the trip quote: “untimely.”

“We do have a major storm impending and he is coming here for what, for a major fundraiser. Not to deal with the virus or the storm or PPE’s or any equipment," said Hart. "He’s always first, Let’s get a gentleman who puts the people first and that will be Joe Biden.”

Florida is seeing 4 consecutive days of record-breaking deaths related to COVID-19 with 257 reported Friday. This week the average is above 150 deaths a day.