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Florida Leaders Worry Parents Keeping Kids Home Over Coronavirus Concerns Could Lead To More Segregation In Schools

Senator Gibson holds a microphone while speaking on the Senate floor. She wears a blue shirt, long pearl necklace and blue and silver wrap.
Steve Cannon
AP Photo

As parents decide whether to send their children back to the classroom this fall, Florida Senate Minority Leader Audrey Gibson (D-Jacksonville) says she’s worried more parents could opt to home school. She says that could create an even bigger racial divide in education.

“When we talk about who has to work—even in low wage jobs, and underpaid jobs, because certain individuals have been historically denied certain jobs anyway—it could result in more segregation," Gibson said.

Gibson says while more affluent parents might have the option to stay home with their children, black and minority parents are less likely to have that choice. She says that also means those children are at greater risk of dangers that could be associated with going to school—including the spread of the coronavirus.