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Medical Cannabis Physician Says THC Caps Are Needed

Jeff Chiu
AP Photo

A bill filed last week would set a limit on the amount of THC that can be dispensed to 10%. The bill also allows military veterans to waive their yearly $75-dollar Medical Marijuana Card fee. Opponents don’t like the first portion and think tying it to the veterans’ fee waiver is bad policy. I spoke with Dr. Mark Moore a certified medical cannabis physician with MEDCAN about his thoughts.

  1.   Do you think 10% cap on THC is going to be a high enough percentage to help patients?
  2. For those used to a higher percentage will going down to 10% harm them?
  3. For those who use medical cannabis as a way to get off of opioids. Do your patients use it for this? Will 10% THC be enough for them to use it as a subsititute.
  4. Should there be a THC cap on all form of marijuana.
  5. Also the bill includes a waiver fee for military veterans. Do you think this will help them enough?
  6. Can a higher percentage of THC cause effects of psychosis?
  7. Is 2.5 ounces every 35 days enough for patients?