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Donations For Eastpoint Victims Come In Many Shapes And Sizes

Matt Howard

The fire that ravaged Eastpoint, Florida has left some families with nothing, but numerous groups are helping victims through donations.

One of the groups collecting donations is Goodwill. The Red Cross is handing out Goodwill vouchers that function as cash to fire victims. These vouchers allow victims to replace clothing, furniture and appliances lost in the fire. Goodwill spokesman Tom Derzypolski says this is integral when starting from nothing. 

“Imagine waking up the next day and your house is gone. The first thing you’re going to need is clothes. You need the ability to return to work and those kinds of basic items. So right now what we’re seeing from a need perspective falls into that category, but we also know that soon that will transfer into rebuilding their lives. They’ll need the lamp, they’ll need the toaster and those types of things.”

Thanks to Goodwill and other groups collecting donations like the Tallahassee Council on Culture and Arts, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office says donations are coming in staggering amounts. Right now, the Sheriff’s Office says those that can should donate money to their GoFundMe, operated by the Sheriff's Director of Finance and Administration, Ginger Coulter. Those that can't give money are still asked to donate whatever goods they can like personal hygiene items. 

Another way to give back to the Eastpoint community is by coming out and supporting the annual Independence Day fireworks celebrations, says the Director of the Franklin County Tourist Development Council, Curt Blair. Events all weekend across the county will have fundraising opportunities to give back to families harmed by the Eastpoint fire all while enjoying some fireworks. 

Noah Hertz is a third year Political Science/International Affairs student at Florida State University. Noah is the Chief News Anchor and a DJ at WVFS and an executive contributing writer for Spire Magazine. When he isn't working, Noah likes board games, listening to music and biking.