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Bruce Nathan Files for Governor's Race

Tom Flanigan

There are now an even dozen Republican candidates running for Florida governor. The latest is Bruce Nathan, who filed his papers, along with a filing fee of more than $7,800, at the Florida Secretary of State’s office first thing Monday (6/4) morning.

Nathan is a doctor from Stuart and a former Democrat who believes in what he calls President Donald Trump’s approach to “tapping all parts of the electorate.”

“Just like Trump did, I can make sure that they all come in on board because I’ve got a lot of Trump-like qualities…all the good stuff!” he remarked to members of the media afterward.

If he wins the Republican Primary in August and goes on to win the Florida Governor’s Mansion, the first thing Bruce Nathan said he’ll do is turn the mansion into a treatment center for troubled military veterans. Instead of staying in Tallahassee, he promised to open several governor’s offices throughout the state.

“It’ll be something like a Gainesville, a Miami office, going up the state…Tampa, so people can actually see me,” he said.

Calling himself, “Florida’s Donald Trump,” Nathan says he’s far more deserving of a formal endorsement from the president than Congressman Ron DeSantis, who has been mentioned favorably by Trump. Nathan also wants to reform the state’s child welfare agency and force Democrats to support the deportation of undocumented immigrants.

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