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Senate Panel To Take Up Felony Theft Changes

Sen. Randolph Bracy (D-Ocoee)
Florida House of Representatives

Shortly after lawmakers gavel in the 2018 session they’ll start working on measures in committee.  A Senate Criminal Justice panel will take up a raft of reforms including Sen. Randolph Bracy’s (D- Ocoee) bill raising the threshold for felony theft.

“Now why is this important?" Bracy asked at a November press conference.  "It will make Florida smarter on crime and save taxpayers money, it will ensure that prison is reserved for those who are a threat to society.  It will reduce crime."

"And as it has been said, many states—47 states—have higher felony thresholds than Florida.”

A bipartisan contingent of lawmakers is laying out an ambitious criminal justice agenda including tweaks for mandatory minimum sentences and bail reform.