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Republican Lawmaker Refiles Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill

jvoves/ flickr

If one Florida lawmaker gets his way, legislators will once again be debating sanctuary cities. Republican Representative Larry Metz of Groveland is filing legislation he hopes will ensure local law enforcement are cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

“First of all it defines and prohibits sanctuary policies and would require a repeal of any sanctuary policies within 90 days of the effective date,” Metz said.

His bill would create new penalties for municipalities that do provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

“If a citizen is either injured or killed by an illegal alien whose access to that victim was made possible by a sanctuary policy, then that jurisdiction could be held liable by the person or the estate of the person as a result,” he said.

Officials that pass those ordinances could be suspended or removed from office. 

The House approved the bill last session, but it never got a hearing in the Senate.