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Gov. Scott Signs Bill Into Law To Better Help Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

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Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill into law that supporters say will help in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

DaTscan is a drug that can be used to diagnose Parkinson’s disease, which affects motor function and can cause tremors. But, because it’s derived from cocaine and another Schedule II controlled substance, DaTscan is also under that classification as well. So, Rep. Jay Trumbull (R-Panama City) says his bill—now law—removes DaTscan from the Florida Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act.

“The feds pulled this off of their schedule back in 2015 because there was not potential for harm or misuse,” he said. “And, Florida and Oklahoma are the only two states left to do this. So, I think it’s a wonderful thing. It gives doctors a wonderful tool to diagnose Parkinson’s early, earlier on.”

The Florida change takes effect July 1st.

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