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Florida Presidential Recount Lawsuit Filed


As a presidential recount continues in Wisconsin there’s an independent push for an election review in Florida. Donald Trump won Florida by more than 100,00 votes.

The complaint filed in Leon County Circuit Court alleges Florida’s presidential election results could have been manipulated through a combination of faulty voting machines, mail-in ballots never received by voters and  possible voter database hacking. Attorney Clint Curtis represents the plaintiffs. He says he wants to reach out to the Trump campaign to try and get them onboard with the lawsuit.

 “If he’s serious about putting county before self and fixing the rigged election system he kept talking about, and making sure it's not hacked by a foreign government that six months later comes in and destroys America's faith in its institutions by saying look  'we hacked your elections and you're so stupid you didn't find out' --there are a lot of problems by not finding out what the actual results are.”

Curtis is a former Florida political candidate with a long history of involvement in voting issues.  Federal officials have previously said a Florida elections vendor was hacked but the state says no voter information was compromised. Curtis admits the complaint is a long-shot.  Plaintiffs will have to prove Clinton's vote deficit can be overcome.

Curtis says he and those he represents are acting independent of Green Party Candidate Jill Stein who initiated recount efforts in Wisconsin. The complaint was initially posted on following an online fundraising campaign. ProtectOurElections calls itself, "a national collaboration of grassroots organizations that have joined together to reclaim our democracy providing oversight to rescue our elections from partisan politics and privatization."

The case has been assigned to Leon County Judge John Cooper.