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Pulse Victim Fund Soaring To Nearly $6 Million


The LGBT advocacy group Equality Florida set a $100,000 fundraising goal for victims immediately after the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando. Now, the total is nearing $6 million.

Equity Florida spokeswoman Ida Eskamani sys more than 110,000 contributors have responded, mostly through the online service “GoFundMe.”

“This fundraising effort has demonstrated that there is tremendous good in the world and that love will prevail and that we’re not going to forget about victims of this tragedy.”

The fund is being administered by the Washington, D.C.-based National Center for Victims of Crime, which has a 30-year track record with mass casualty events, including 911.

Eskamani says organizers hope to have a vetting process in place and the money flowing within eight weeks. She says all victims, regardless of their needs or immigration status, are eligible.

“Firstly, when we say survivors, we mean everybody who was in Pulse nightclub. Because there are many invisible injuries that folks may likely suffer.”

Organizers stress that none of the money will pay for administration. Eskamani says the money is in addition to a state disaster fund which is already helping family members with burial expenses and other needs.