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AAA Has Some Tips For Florida Drivers, Dealing With Aftermath Of Tropical Storm Colin

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AAA has a few tips for drivers, as people are still dealing with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Colin.

AAA spokeswoman Montrae Waiters says it’s important drivers heed official warnings, regarding avoiding driving on wet and flooded streets, if possible.

And, I know some of the flooding has receded, but we still have flooding in certain spots,” she said. So, we want motorists to be very careful.”

She says recommendations include checking your tires prior to driving and slowing down on flooded streets.

“Always make sure that they’re driving with a cell phone and charger, just in case,” Waiters added. “And, if your vehicle does stall in a flooded area, do not remain in the car. We can’t stress that enough. Abandon the car as soon as possible.”

Waiters also says if you’ve called a tow truck company, try to avoid road closures because it can make it harder for the technicians to get to you. She adds AAA encourages drivers not to use cruise control as well.

Cruise control, any system used to automatically control the speed of a car, may work great in dry conditions, but Waiters says the chance of losing control of your vehicle increases if you use it while driving on wet roads.

“Because you’re going to be slow to react,” she continued. “So, you put cruise control on while it’s raining and you have all these other elements that are happening outside the car, and then, for some reason, if you have to slam on your breaks or react quickly being in that cruise control can cause more problems for you. So, it’s very important not to use your cruise control and pay attention while driving in heavy rain.”

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