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Florida Bar Opposes Judicial Term Limits Plan

The Florida Bar has taken a position on a measure to put term limits on Florida appellate and Supreme Court Magistrates. Monday the Bar reported it will oppose the proposed constitutional amendment.

The proposal by Republican Representative John Wood would ask voters to term limit judges and justices to two merit retention votes, which could mean terms between 12 and 15 years. Florida would be the only state to adopt such a measure, and retired Florida Supreme Court Justice Major Harding recently appeared before the legislature to oppose it:

“It is my deep belief that it would be better to allow the system to remain as it is at this point," he said.

Lawmakers who support the bill say since most statewide elected positions are term limited, the judicial branch should be too. But critics say it’s a move to stifle the courts, which have tossed numerous laws, and proposed constitutional amendments passed by the Republican-led legislature.