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Sheldon Announces New PAC, Hopes To Start Reaching Out To Others Outside Dems

Sascha Cordner

Ahead of the November showdown, newly-named Democratic nominee for Attorney General George Sheldon is trying to outline the differences between him and incumbent AG Pam Bondi.

Sheldon says moving forward, he’ll focus on areas like Bondi’s defense of Florida’s same-sex marriage ban as well as other concerns Floridians have talked to him about.

“So, we’re going to be reaching out to moderate Republicans, Independents, those people who want Government to work again,” said Sheldon. “And, we’ve got to start listening to doctors and scientists moving forward, on things like medical marijuana, on things like climate change, rather than trying to divide the American people or the people of Florida. That’s what the essence of my campaign is going to be over the next two months.”

Sheldon spoke during a press conference Tuesday, announcing the formation of his political committee called “Floridians Seeking Common Ground.” He was joined by Quincy Police Chief Walt McNeil and former Attorney General Bob Butterworth, the PAC’s co-chairs. While Sheldon has raised thousands, Bondi and her supporters have raised millions.

Meanwhile, calling Sheldon’s statements “old, tired, political attacks,” campaign spokesman Trey Stapleton says Bondi will continue to tout her record, including her anti-human trafficking and synthetic drug efforts. Bondi has already challenged Sheldon to a debate. Sheldon says he’d like to debate her at least five times.

Stapleton says both campaigns are now working out the details, and whether there will be more than one debate.

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