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DNC Chair, Fla. Lawmaker Speak Out Against Abortion-Related Bills Headed To Gov. Scott


The Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and a Florida lawmaker are joining forces to speak out against two-abortion related bills that cleared the Florida Legislature this year and are awaiting Governor Rick Scott’s signature.

One measure essentially prohibits a doctor from performing an abortion past the 20th week of pregnancy, if it’s determined that the fetus can live outside the womb with standard medical care. Current law prohibits most abortions during the third trimester, or around 26 weeks of pregnancy. But, Rep. Lori Berman (D-Lantana) says lawmakers should stay out of such personal decisions.

“And, then the bill does not contain exceptions for severe fetal abnormalities or incest, so you’ve got a situation where you’re forcing women to carry babies to term and that’s a personal decision between her and her doctor and her family,” said Berman.

Florida lawmakers also passed a bill making it a separate crime to cause the death or injury of on an unborn child at any stage of development during an attack on a pregnant woman. That was filed in part because of a woman dubbed the “abortion pill victim” whose pregnancy was terminated after her ex gave her a pill disguised as an antibiotic.

Still, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says more time should have been spent this year on jobs, the economy, and accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid.

“Instead, Florida Republican lawmakers have wasted taxpayers time and money by passing these extreme bills that further limit women’s reproductive rights. It is senseless and it’s wrong,” said Wasserman Schultz.

Both women say they believe Governor Scott will sign these measures into law. The Governor has done so in the past with other abortion-related bills.

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