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Dream Defenders Vacate Capitol Building


After a month of occupying the Florida Governor’s office, activists supporting the repeal of the state’s Stand Your Ground law are finally moving out, this comes in the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Protesters say vacating the Capitol building doesn’t mean an end to their movement.

The so-called, Dream Defenders have demanded Governor Rick Scott call a special session to review the state’s self-defense law. Florida’s Republican dominated legislature remains opposed to a special session to review the law, and Dream Defender’s Director Phillip Agnew said it’s time for the group to try a new tactic:

“Next week freshmen will be coming from all over the country to Florida colleges and universities and we’re at eight of them. So we’re going to start recruiting and get back up here for September 23rd,” Agnew vowed.

Florida lawmakers will be back in Tallahassee for fall meetings. Dream Defenders stopped protesting hours after the results of a legislative poll showed minimal support for a special session.