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Judge Blocks Fla. Law Capping Minors' Campaign Contributions

A federal Judge says a law that caps the amount of money minors can contribute to state and local political campaigns violates their First Amendment right to political speech. On Tuesday, the judge issued a temporary injunction against the law, which says people under 18 years old can contribute only $100, while adults have a $500 limit.

The challenge came after a Boca Raton teenager, Julie Towbin, wrote to officials last year after she realized the law prevented her from attending a $150-per-ticket fundraising dinner for local candidates. Attorney James K. Green, who represented 17-year-old Towbin, says the ruling allows young people to participate more fully in the political process.

“We want to encourage young adults, especially honors students like Julie, to participate, to become interested in the political process, so that by the time they turn 18, they’re full-blown citizens," he says.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida helped bring the challenge. The state of Florida has 30 days to decide whether to appeal the ruling.