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ACLU: Half State's School Systems Fail to Comply with SS Number Enrollment Explanation

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida released a report card grading how well school systems in the state comply with a law requiring them to make it clear that social security numbers aren’t required for enrollment.

The group graded districts on an A through F scale. ACLU spokesman Baylor Johnson said "A" schools either don’t ask for a social security number, or explain that the number is not  required, and make it clear how it will be used if it is given. But he said about half the school systems in the state failed to do that.

 School districts giving the false impression that providing these social security numbers is required for enrollment, runs the risk of families being intimidated and students being hidden from view and kept out of the classroom simply because parents fear a legal review of their status,” Johnson said.

Johnson says there are a number of reasons, like fear of deportation, that might make parents not want, or not be able to, give their child’s social security number.