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Neighborhood watch volunteer charged in Trayvon Martin killing

The man who says he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self defense is now in custody. Regan McCarthy reports George Zimmerman turned himself in after officials issued a warrant for his arrest Wednesday.

Angela Corey, the Special Prosecutor in the case announced during a press conference Wednesday evening that she’s charging Zimmerman with second degree murder. Corey says her goal is to use the facts to get “justice” for the “victim” in the case.

“Those of us in law enforcement are committed to justice for every race, every gender, every person of any persuasion whatsoever. They are our victims. We only know one category as prosecutors. And that’s a ‘v’. It’s not a ‘B’ it’s not a ‘W’ it’s not an ‘H.’ It’s ‘V’ for victim. That’s who we work tirelessly for.”

Corey says if the case goes to trial it would default to Seminole County where the shooting took place, but she raised some concerns about the ability to find an impartial jury there.

“We think a lot of facts go put out. And see that’s the problem, when I told you it comes out in front of a jury—they’re not allowed to render an decision until everything is in front of them. In fact, they’re specifically told by a judge that they can’t form a decision until they’re heard everything. And so it is regrettable that so many facts and details got released and misconstrued.”

Corey says the case is progressing normally, saying it is not unusual to not immediately make an arrest in a homicide case.  She declined to give specifics about the case or where Zimmerman is being held, except to say that he is in Florida. 


Update: Zimmerman’s attorney says his client will plead not guilty to the second-degree murder charges.

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Regan McCarthy is the Assistant News Director for WFSU Public Media. Before coming to Tallahassee, Regan graduated with honors from Indiana University’s Ernie Pyle School of Journalism. She worked for several years for NPR member station WFIU in Bloomington, Ind., where she covered local and state government and produced feature and community stories.

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