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Lawmakers consider texting while driving ban


By Sascha Cordner

Tallahassee, FL – A proposal to prohibit texting while driving is coming up again in the Florida Legislature. As Sascha Cordner reports, the bill's sponsor says Florida is long overdue for this type of legislation, especially since it's now one of just nine states that has nothing in place to combat texting while driving.

Republican Senator Nancy Detert of Venice says she is encouraged by the unanimous vote her bill received in the Senate Transportation Committee Wednesday. But, though she's sure she'll have continued support in the Senate, she's not so sure what will happen in the House:

"I hope that the public will bring pressure upon their House members because it's just loaded with common sense. It's not limiting anybody's personal freedom. It's a safety issue because people that text obviously drift into other people's lanes and we have a list of horrible tragedies that we can refer to."

Last year, Detert's bill passed in the Senate, but was voted down by the House. Her measure calls for a 30 dollar fine with no license points for first-time offenders. Points would come for second offenses.