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Lawmakers look at effect of unemployment bennefits and tax

By Regan McCarthy

Tallahassee, Fl – The House Business and Consumer Affairs Subcommittee heard an update Wednesday on unemployment compensation in Florida. As Regan McCarthy reports Committee Chair, Representative Doug Holder, says this session's focus will be on re-employment.

The way unemployment programs in Florida operate has undergone some big changes in the last few months moving out of the now dissolved Agency for Workforce Innovation and into the Department of Economic opportunity, for example. State Representative Doug Holder says a last session reform on the way unemployment is paid out and collected was a positive move and he says he expects major steps to get Floridians jobs to continue this session.

"The idea is to try to re-employ unemployed Floridians and to level the playing field so that businesses are attracted to the state of Florida."

A report released Monday by the Conservative Tax Foundation found Florida's unemployment tax is the 8th lowest in the nation.