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DMS to get additional duties in Gov's budget

By James Call

Tallahassee, FL – The state Department of Management Services would be given new duties under Governor Rick Scott's budget recommendation. James Call reports, Scott's proposal contains a 10 million dollar savings by transferring state agency administrative duties to DMS.

Lawmakers are studying how Governor Rick Scott plans to reduce state spending by almost 5 billion dollars. Brett Raymond a policy coordinator in the governor's office told a House Committee one way to save money is to transfer responsibility for printing services, mail room operations and employee training for all state agencies to DMS.

"A 10 million dollars savings in the first year and I don't remember what the workforce reduction was but I believe it was five percent. That is in the conforming bill. If you just simply eliminate the administrative services directors that is a major savings right there when you consider the administrative services directors make 100,000 plus in salary."

DMS and the Legislature have been at odds the past couple of years over the agency's management of state contracts and purchasing. Committee members mentioned that history while questioning Raymond about the proposal.