Trump Promises To Match Campaign Contributions

Sep 29, 2016

Vowing to embarrass the “mainstream media and liberal elites,” the Trump presidential campaign is issuing an urgent plea for donations ahead of Friday’s federal financial reporting deadline.

Billionaire Donald Trump is promising supporters he'll match up to $2 million in individual contributions to his campaign committee.

In it, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich promises Trump will personally match individual contributions up to 2 million dollars. The email links to a You Tube video by Trump’s son, Eric.

“Hillary has her Wall Street money, but my father has you, the great American people. We need you fighting for this movement. We need you to make a contribution now. This is our last chance. We must do this together.”

Trump’s insurgent campaign has confounded pundits who dismissed his chances of winning the Republican nomination. Trump is tied in most polls with Hillary Clinton, even though he has been tremendously outspent.